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Caught ya!

Your angriest moments revealed

Published on Oct. 2, 2007 | Print | Share | Recommend ()

I mostly just fight verbally. I have this bad habit of when somebody is mean to me or off-ends me, I attack them at their weakest point. I tend to accidentally make my friends cry if we get in a fight. I just upset people; I’ll hit 'em where it hurts. If they’re self-conscious about something, then that’s what I pick on.
– Valerie Shiver, senior

One of my friends Saran Wrapped my car in high school, so I wanted to get back at him. A group of friends and I went to this horse stable and took a bunch of horse poop, filled it up in a bucket, got it really wet and gross. Then we went driving to his house, and we saw a dead skunk in the road, so we picked it up, put it in the bucket, and dumped the horse manure and skunk on his car.
– Joe Monterastelli, senior

My older brother and I were just out playing. We were probably like seven or eight. We were playing football. And he won, so, you know, I got pretty mad. So I had this plastic boomerang, and I just hit it on the top of his head and split it open pretty good. He went to the hospital. My parents were just in shock that I would do something so stupid, so blatantly wrong. I think I got grounded for a month or so.
- Nick Blakeley, freshman

You know what a cricket bat is? It’s like a baseball bat but for a different sport. I was playing cricket with this kid, and I didn’t really know him. I was tired, and I got really pissed off. He had this cricket bat that was signed by the whole Australian team, which would be worth a fair bit of money. And I got really pissed at him – like he hit me a couple times actually. He went to do something, and I took this cricket bat, got a pen and just scraped the shit out of the bat. Like up and down ‘til most of the signatures were unrecognizable. And then I threw it where he could see it when he came back.
-Luchlan Ferguson, freshman

This girl that I work with and I thought it’d be funny to put laxatives in one of our coworker’s drinks. We seriously put probably three-fourths of the bottle in his drinks throughout the night. We were kind of mad at first ’cause it didn’t do anything to him while he was at work. We thought it was a stupid waste of money. Then he tells me the next day that he was up until six o’clock in the morning on the toilet.
– Sean, sophomore

A bunch of us were mad at a guy. So, we took a bunch of tampons, put ketchup all over them, and smeared them all over a guy’s car for breaking up with one of our friends. He wasn’t too happy. He had a sporty, classy kind of car that he’s obsessed with. He didn’t take it well.
-Allison Charles, junior

I had a girl move here to be with me, but then she broke up with me. She had mailed her things to my house to move in, but after the breakup, she asked me to send them back. I told her I mailed back three packages when I really hadn’t. I only mailed two of the three. She’s been calling me and trying to get the tracking information and keeps calling UPS. I kept one box with her entire CD collection, her baby blanket, and really good clothes – nice dress shirts and some jewelry. So she thinks that it just got lost in the mail. It’s funny ’cause she’s really confused about it.
– Ashley McCann , junior

I was at a party. My friend and I were drinking, and he was making moves on my girlfriend. I needed to piss, and we were all pissing together, 'cause when you drink you piss a lot, so I pissed on him. Then I punched him. First, I was at the urinal, and it was all over him. I think a little bit was on his face – and he started puking. That was really mean.
– Y.C.

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