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Rules and regulations: confessions of a referee

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Zach Hetrick | Inside

Junior Brian Howard

Published on Nov. 30, 2009 | Print | Share | Recommend ()

On aggressive action:

Howard: “It gets really competitive. My freshman year, I had to break up a fight. Actual punches were thrown, and I had to try to break it up. One player got thrown into the boards, so he threw a punch at the other player. He missed the first punch, but I ended up having to call the game.”

On trash talk:

“People get mad no matter what. They’re competitive, and they want to win. But once they calm down, they usually realize it was the right call.”

On a difficult call:

“In one game, there was less than 15 or 20 seconds left. A guy shot, and the ball went in the goal, but then bounced out. We called it a goal, and the goalie got pretty mad. It was for the playoffs, so the team that scored got to go and the other didn’t.”

On foul play:

“My least favorite part is getting yelled at. It doesn’t happen every game, but it happens more with the guys than the girls.”

Post-game analysis:

“At the end of the day, we’re still students. ... We’re just trying to work and have a job during college.”  

Hey, ref!

These game-breaking calls made students want to break something.

Indoor soccer:

“I got knocked down on my butt by two dudes during my co-ed soccer game, which isn’t allowed. The refs didn’t call anything, and the guys went on to score a goal.”

Marissa Posteraro,  junior


“We were down by two points with five seconds left, and I shot a 3-pointer with like three people in front of me. It hit the rim, bounced up, and went in. Everyone was going crazy, and this ref comes over and says, ‘No, your foot was on the line. That was a 2-pointer.’ The game ended in a tie. It was the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.”

Mike Conlon, senior

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