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Run a grassroots movement

Published on Apr. 12, 2010 | Print | Share | Recommend ()

If you caught the “political bug” after the 2008 election and want to change your community, strap in. According to senior AnnElyse Gibbons, former president of IU’s Students for Hillary campaign, these tips will prepare any aspiring volunteer for what she calls the “election roller coaster.”

1. Know the people. People don’t vote for campaigns that don’t acknowledge issues facing the community.
2. Recruit anyone and everyone. Running a successful campaign involves more than a handful of volunteers.
3. Expect an uphill battle. Most candidates run for office because they do not agree with legislation conducted by current politicians. Therefore, campaigns should expect candidates to defend their values and prove to voters why they are the better person for the job.
4. Dedicate your time. The weekend is always a workday.

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