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Who is Fake Tom Pritchard?

Published on Apr. 9, 2012 | Print | Share | Recommend ()

Sometimes, it's almost too easy to make a joke on Pritch's behalf. No one knows this better than the guy behind @TomPritchard25.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25

First, a little about myself: In about two weeks, I’ll be able to bench press 200 lbs.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25
To me, it’s important to remain anonymous because sex offenders always try to keep a low profile.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25
I decided to start the account because no one would have cared about a fake Verdell Jones account.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25
My source of inspiration for my tweets is Ben Affleck movies on repeat.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25

That said, I spend more time on the Tom Pritchard account than I do with my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend (she’s too needy).

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25

My followers are big fans of the love affair between Tom and Daniel Moore.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25
They also seem to be as smitten with Ruby Tuesday’s as TomPritchard25 is.

Fake Tom Pritchard @TomPritchard25
Since Tomcat is graduating, I’ll look to lend him a hand in the professional world with a Fake TomPritchard25 LinkedIn account.

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