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Cycling through turn 3

POSTED AT 11:30 AM ON Apr. 18, 2012  (UPDATED AT 11:31 AM ON Apr. 18, 2012)



Do you think turn three is more dangerous than the other turns?


I would definitely agree that it’s the most treacherous turn out there, and it’s like that for a couple of reasons.

This season it’s been pretty tore up, they’ve never been able to work it down, there always seems to be some bad tread lines. Then when they do get it fixed, it washes out the track, and you get a lip on the concrete railing. Then, when it dries out, it gets
pretty dusty.

Not just this year, but all years, when you’re on the back stretch and people are “burning out,” (speeding up after an exchange) people are getting up to speed and pulling out of the pack, but once you hit that corner you kind of stop pedaling and lose that momentum. When you’re getting up to speed, you can’t keep up that speed through the turn.

IDS Do you have any plans to deal with turn three?

MORROW In (Individual Time Trials) there’s definitely strategy to it. My coach tells me, and I know a lot of other coaches tell their riders to do this, when you have a lot of speed on the back stretch, stay a bike length or two out, and take a tangent to the curve and hit the apex, and you can continue spinning, you don’t have to stop pedaling.

IDS Are riders more cautious on turn three?

MORROW I think people go into turn three more cautious just because of what’s happening and what they’ve seen from turn three. That just adds to why it’s even more important to stay in front, the less experienced riders struggle more, and you don’t want to get caught up in that.

IDS Do you forsee turn three being a problem this year?

MORROW It’s definitely possible. It was a bad place to be in Miss-N-Out. We saw a couple of bad wrecks in the semifinals. They usually do a good job maintaining it during the race, I don’t really foresee it being a problem.


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