Column: I really do love this giant

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POSTED AT 06:58 PM ON Jun. 20, 2012 


Today, I write to you with excitement. For many friends and music lovers, this day was a dream, then a rumor, and finally, a reality.

On June 14, St. Vincent and David Byrne released “Who,” their first collaborative single.

I adore St. Vincent, and I am constantly impressed by her immense talent. Her version of pop music is refreshing, and it only makes sense that this collaboration between Vincent and Byrne has surfaced.

Byrne, former front man of The Talking Heads, is known for gigantic suits, being quirky and making fantastic pop, avante-garde music.

Vincent had been a fan of Byrne’s, and since both participated in the “Dark Was The Night” compilation in 2009, Byrne became a fan of hers. On “Dark,” Byrne worked with Dirty Projectors to create “Knotty Pine.” It seemed to feature Byrne more than it incorporated his musical influence.

However, with “Who” there is only pure collaboration.

With high expectations, I cautiously downloaded it, but when I pressed play my expectations were blown away.

The beginning hook immediately catches your attention with its horns, leading to steady guitar and Byrne’s iconic voice. It meshes the two musicians’ styles without one overpowering the other. By combining forces, they created a new, incredible sound.

As if this doesn’t get better, “Who” is only a single off an entire collaborative album, “Love This Giant,” which will be released Sept. 11, 2012. And folks —— they already have a tour planned across North America in the fall.

If you are interested in hearing “Who,” you can download it for free on, the website of the record label that will release the album. As much as I love summer, I also would love for September to approach a little earlier.



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