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Motorcyclists promote safety

POSTED AT 11:35 PM ON Aug. 22, 2012  (UPDATED AT 12:28 AM ON Aug. 23, 2012)


On Wednesday evening, some students rode around Bloomington in style, seated on the back of IU Riding Club’s motorcycles.

“If we can get the resources together, I’d like to do it once a month,” junior and Event Coordinator Alex Jerden said.

He said the number of students they gave rides to was “probably close to 100.”
Before students hopped on, they had to sign a waiver stating IU was not responsible for any injuries that might occur. Vice President Mason Thomas, a sophomore, said all riders wore helmets.

“We’re promoting safety, not just to riders but to drivers in Bloomington, as well,” he

Graduate student Joe Durre elaborated.

“Motorcycles are everywhere,” he said. “Save a life, open your eyes.”

Thomas said the club, which was created two months ago, already has 74 members.

“Me and my friend, Jack Witter, we started the club,” Thomas said.

Thomas and Witter are both members of ROTC. Thomas said the club began after ROTC wanted students to create organizations promoting safety.

Thomas said the group hopes to raise money for club T-shirts, as well as for the Riley Foundation.

Jerden said he wants the club to sponsor a fundraising event unlike those other club’s usually organize. He said he wants to have an event that can teach people who attend it.

In the future, Thomas said he predicts at least half of the group members will participate in Ride for Riley, a motorcycle ride that raises money for Riley Hospital. Durre said the club hopes to petition for an increase in motorcycle parking spaces.

Students can find more information on the group’s Facebook page, “Friends of IURC.”


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