IU summer discount to continue in 2013

POSTED AT 11:40 PM ON Aug. 23, 2012  (UPDATED AT 11:40 PM ON Aug. 23, 2012)


After the pilot run of IU’s summer discount program this summer, university officials announced Thursday plans to continue the plan for summer 2013.

The program, initially introduced in Oct. 2011, offers in-state residents a 25 percent discount on summer tuition.

This past summer, more than 29,000 students took advantage of the reduced summer tuition at seven of the nine IU campuses.

According to a press release, the program saved students a combined $11.8 million.
“The gains weren’t huge, but we were pleased a lot of people took advantage of it,” Associate Vice President for University Communications Mark Land said. “And we’re confident with more time to promote it and make it easier to transfer … we’ll gain more traction and get more people to take advantage of it.”

This summer, IU-Purdue University Indianapolis saw the greatest spike in summer enrollment among all IU campuses with nearly a 5 percent increase. IU-Bloomington experienced a 1.1 percent increase in summer enrollment.

In the coming months, various groups within the University will look at ways to further promote the program, Land said.

Administrators will also look at facilitating the credit transfer process for students wishing to take summer classes at an IU campus other than the one they attend during the school year.

“We fundamentally think it’s a good idea,” Land said. “It’s a chance to save our students some money, and it’s a change that encourages a few more to take classes during the summer, which will allow them to stay on track.”

— Kirsten Clark


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