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Hud, Speck Mellencamp charged in battery

POSTED AT 06:26 PM ON Aug. 15, 2013  (UPDATED AT 12:21 PM ON Aug. 19, 2013)


article STORY: Mellencamps, Smith turn themselves in

Arrest warrants were issued Thursday for musician John Mellencamp’s two sons and IU baseball coach Tracy Smith’s son for their alleged involvement in a fight that resulted in facial fractures and stitches for the victim.

Hud Mellencamp, 19, Speck Mellencamp, 18, and Ty A. Smith, 19, face felony battery charges, according to a press release issued by the Bloomington Police Department. Smith is a freshmen wide receiver for the IU football team.

The alleged altercation occurred on July 29, when the three suspects climbed the stairs of the victim's home in the 1400 block of North Lincoln Street.

The victim asked if he could help them, at which point they reportedly started to kick and punch him.  

The victim's three roommates responded to the commotion, and pulled the victim up, at which point he was knocked off the porch, where Speck Mellencamp continued to punch him, according to police.

Speck Mellencamp was pulled from the victim and all three suspects ran from the residence.

The victim suffered facial fractures, cuts requiring stitches and was referred to a plastic surgeon due to his injuries.

— Laura Schulte


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